Friday, June 29, 2012

Color Crazy

Happy Friday everyone!

Today's Trend is COLOR!

Whether it's your company's brand or you want to add some spice to a space, choosing a color is energizing!  You can add a burst of color in many different ways - furniture, finishes, materials, walls, the list goes on. 

Studies recognize that colors bring about emotional reactions to individuals.  According to the Global Healing Center (, colors that are useful in the office are: orange – stimulates creativity; yellow – intensifies the intellect and heightens motivation; red – energizes; blue – calming, fights physical and mental tension; green – fights irritability and has a healing effect on the body. For the office, use colors that you are drawn to as these are the colors that will benefit your health.

Adding a WOW color factor can be a simple accent piece or loud and bright.  Here are some examples of how to incorporate color into an office space.

Trendy flooring by Modularity Tiles 
 Orange Tiles and Chairs

Bell Helicopter Employee Center (Merriman Architect Design)
Red Walls 

 Swedish Pension Agency
Color Wall

Google's Office
Red Chair and Reception Desk

I hope these examples give you inspiration to get creative!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Hello and good afternoon!  Today's trend is Chevron.  It's my absolute favorite pattern.  It works great in the home or office, which makes it a versatile print anyone would enjoy.  It can be seen on chairs, carpet, walls, pillows, art, - and even on pottery.  Chevron can be classy and conservative or bright and funky.  Here are some ideas of how you can incorporate Chevron into your interiors.

Paul Schneider Ceramics

Chairs from Room Service, LA

Home Office

Belle Maison

Wall Art from Green Your Decor

Remember, your office and home design is up to you - have fun with it!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Healthy is Hip

Good morning!  Do you walk or bike to work, take short walks during the day to clear your head or play on your companies kickball team?  If so, you are a great example of Corporate Wellness.

Environments that support well-being can be a highly desirable oasis where people are less stressed, more productive, more create and healthier.  They're the workplaces of the future, not the past.  Merriman is currently helping some of our clients reach their goals by incorporating a healthy lifestyle into their office culture. 

Here are some tips for incorporating wellness into your day at the office:

Coordinate a informal sport leagues for softball, baseball, kickball and soccer
(here are some of my friends from KPMG)

Choose to eat snacks from a healthy vending machine

Take a break during the day for a short walk

According to National Business Group on Health, if you have a corporate wellness program in your office, there is a 41% increase in your employees health, 56% increase in employee morale and 8% increase in employee productivity.

Have a great day!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Law Firm Trends

Good Morning!  Today's Law Firms are engaging in key design ideas to keep their spaces efficient and comfortable.  They also want to reduce costs, create a more collaborative work environment and increase productivity.  Here are some fascinating trends for Law firms:

Have a great day! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Whiteboard Wonders

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
I was on a tour last week for a client - they were an extremely innovative and creative group.  We were brainstorming ideas for their conference rooms, which is why today's post is about a clear paint that you can paint over any color wall and it will be a dry erase board. 
ClearErase is a product from TRI-KES:

ClearErase is a dry erase clear coat that can be seamlessly applied to interior spaces as easily as traditional paint. Turn any existing wall, in any color, into a durable and cleanable surface resistant to scribbles, common marks and daily wear.

Waterbased and low VOC – ClearErase is an environmentally smart solution perfect for any commercial interior needing a seamless dry erase workspace. Our easy-to-follow instructions make application a snap. Simply mix, stir and roll like traditional paint.

There are lots of dry erase board trends in the marketplace right now, but here are a few ways to incorporate the dry-erase board into your conference room:
KeyBank Marker Boards using Dreamwalls Color Glass True White

Genband Corporate Headquarters - Merriman Architects design

ClearErase by TRI-KES

Have a great day!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Terrific Trends - Barn Doors

Welcome to a new series on Dallas Design.  There are so many great office trends for corporate users, architects, brokers, etc, and I wanted to be able to share them with you.  So, that's what I hope Terrific Trends will be - a place to learn about various trends in the marketplace.

Now, I know this isn't a new trend, but I just can't get enough of it.  It's great for both the home and office.  There is a feeling you get when you open a barn door, it creates an inviting atmosphere. 

Urban Evolutions
Beautiful white barn doors in a bedroom


Merriman Associates/Architects, Inc. 

Photo from Southern Living

Barn doors provide flexibility and multi-function proposes to the space, whether it's a home or office.  They are also a good way to bring your personal style into the space.  One of my favorite things about sliding doors is that they come in all different materials, styles and colors. 

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Introducing the Urban Armadillos

I'm thrilled to introduce the Urban Armadillos!  Funny name.  Awesome organization.

The Urban Armadillos (“UA”) was founded in 2012 by Mike Wyatt and Skyler Baty.  While Mike was on an office leasing tour of Bryan Tower with a client, it was brought to his attention that in 1873-74, the famous gambler and gunfighter of the OK Corral, Doc Holiday, had his first dental office on the Building site.  The location was verified and is currently memorialized by a 8”x 16” bronze plaque embedded in concrete on a forgotten corner of the Building. At that moment, Wyatt enlisted the help of Skyler Baty to form a group of civic-minded professionals to not only uncover other culturally-significant landmarks and lost treasures within the CBD, but to create a pedestrian trail linking Dallas’ eight urban Districts. The group was thus named and empowered to “Dig Up Dallas” District by District!

Mission Statement:

The Urban Armadillos (“UA”) are a group of civic-minded professionals whose primary purpose is to create and maintain an urban walking trail for both residents and visitors within the CBD of Dallas.

The “Trail” will promote Dallas’ unique landmarks, parks, architecturally-significant structures, “pop culture” and urban legends within each of the Districts. By connecting each of the Districts, the UA’s goal is to preserve Dallas’ urban treasures, to enrich the experience of visitors to the CBD, and to increase the overall economic vitality and legacy of our City.

Here are a few pictures from our second meeting last Thursday.  Email me if you're interested in joining!

Embrace the Challence; Uncover the Past; Preserve note-worthy landmarks; Re-build the economic vitality of our City; and ultimately -- create a rewearding experience for past, present and future generations!

Have a great day!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Professionally Polished

“Professionally Polished” by Skyler Baty

Some might call me a “spring chicken.” So call me an upstart, but here are some tips for making good impressions on prospective clients or future employers.  Female/male, young/old or CEO/intern, these etiquette tips can smooth the way to success. Yes, it’s an old-fashioned word, etiquette, but it’s newfound savvy for all business situations.

·         Business cards in a classy folder.  Never leave home without them.  Card holders keep cards from getting folded, soggy or smudged.  When you’re presented with a card, avoid sticking it straight into your purse or pocket.  Comment on the location of the office, design of the card or the person’s name.  It will make your contact feel acknowledged.  Then put their card somewhere it’s obvious you’re keeping it in a treasured spot – not stuffed into your purse or pocket in a haphazard way.

·         Thank you.  It’s simple. Yet few take the time to say it, even here in the Friendly State.  And say it twice – once verbally and once in writing.

·         Smiley faces, abbreviations and explanation points.  These are fine for text messaging, Google Chat (Gchat) or Facebook. But in the business world, create friendly messages without using symbols.

·         Promote your “Rock Star” Attitude.  For any new business, interview situations or sales jobs, it’s important to highlight your past accomplishments, volunteer work and/or leadership positions.  They show your enthusiasm, positivity and confidence quotient.

·         Dress the part.  Save the flip-flops, hats and T-shirts for the weekend.   If you don’t have a Tide to Go Pen, get one. Dressing well assists in establishing credibility with clients.

·         Smile (not just at your boss and clients, but also at customers, secretaries, vendors, janitors and contractors).  You’re not just representing yourself; you’re representing your company.  Whether it’s to someone at the bottom or the top of the corporate ladder or the ladder of life, try to always be amicable.

·         Cell phone etiquette.  Trust me, I know this one’s tough. But either turn off your phone, or put it on silent during an interview, lunch, or meeting.

·         Southern Hospitality.  Table manners, making eye-to-eye contact, shaking hands with your right hand and introducing yourself with your name said several times with a memory trigger are some common ways to build rapport.    While dining, if you think of BMW (Bread is on the left, Meal in the middle and Water on the right), this will help you navigate the landscape. And remember: elbows off the table, wait until everyone has been served to start eating, don’t put salt or pepper on your food before you’ve tasted it, and chew slowly with your mouth closed.

·         Generational gap.  For all Gen X-ers engaged to social media, please remember to make sure your Facebook page looks appropriate, don’t say anything you wouldn’t want your boss or parents to see on Twitter or your blog, and keep your iTunes speakers on low so they don’t disrupt others around you. 

·         Building Good Rapport.  It’s important to say “good morning,” use active listening skills and take an interest in the whole person, even when you don’t need someone to do something for you to sustain strong professional relationships.  When in an interview or meeting, spend the first five minutes and last five minutes on non-work related topics (even if it’s the weather).  And remember:

“All lasting business is built on friendship”

So whether you’re a spring chicken like me – or the biggest old dog in Big D – these simple tips make good business sense.  And hey, who knows?  You might find a few friends along the way, too.