Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Introducing the Urban Armadillos

I'm thrilled to introduce the Urban Armadillos!  Funny name.  Awesome organization.

The Urban Armadillos (“UA”) was founded in 2012 by Mike Wyatt and Skyler Baty.  While Mike was on an office leasing tour of Bryan Tower with a client, it was brought to his attention that in 1873-74, the famous gambler and gunfighter of the OK Corral, Doc Holiday, had his first dental office on the Building site.  The location was verified and is currently memorialized by a 8”x 16” bronze plaque embedded in concrete on a forgotten corner of the Building. At that moment, Wyatt enlisted the help of Skyler Baty to form a group of civic-minded professionals to not only uncover other culturally-significant landmarks and lost treasures within the CBD, but to create a pedestrian trail linking Dallas’ eight urban Districts. The group was thus named and empowered to “Dig Up Dallas” District by District!

Mission Statement:

The Urban Armadillos (“UA”) are a group of civic-minded professionals whose primary purpose is to create and maintain an urban walking trail for both residents and visitors within the CBD of Dallas.

The “Trail” will promote Dallas’ unique landmarks, parks, architecturally-significant structures, “pop culture” and urban legends within each of the Districts. By connecting each of the Districts, the UA’s goal is to preserve Dallas’ urban treasures, to enrich the experience of visitors to the CBD, and to increase the overall economic vitality and legacy of our City.

Here are a few pictures from our second meeting last Thursday.  Email me if you're interested in joining!

Embrace the Challence; Uncover the Past; Preserve note-worthy landmarks; Re-build the economic vitality of our City; and ultimately -- create a rewearding experience for past, present and future generations!

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Steven here. I just read about this effort and think it is fabulous. I wish to contribute in any way I can unfortunately I am a newbie to Dallas so I have no knowledge of the history but wish to learn and be a part of this effort. It's great to see Dallas' urban history being memorialize. Kudos to Skylar and Mike!