Thursday, June 21, 2012

Healthy is Hip

Good morning!  Do you walk or bike to work, take short walks during the day to clear your head or play on your companies kickball team?  If so, you are a great example of Corporate Wellness.

Environments that support well-being can be a highly desirable oasis where people are less stressed, more productive, more create and healthier.  They're the workplaces of the future, not the past.  Merriman is currently helping some of our clients reach their goals by incorporating a healthy lifestyle into their office culture. 

Here are some tips for incorporating wellness into your day at the office:

Coordinate a informal sport leagues for softball, baseball, kickball and soccer
(here are some of my friends from KPMG)

Choose to eat snacks from a healthy vending machine

Take a break during the day for a short walk

According to National Business Group on Health, if you have a corporate wellness program in your office, there is a 41% increase in your employees health, 56% increase in employee morale and 8% increase in employee productivity.

Have a great day!

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