Monday, July 30, 2012


DIRTT - it's not as dirty as you think.  Last week I had the opportunity to visit Wilson Furniture's DIRTT Showroom and gained a lot of knowledge about the new DIRTT approach.  It's far from dirty, it's actually a clean, sleek and unique approach for an office or home.

The DIRTT approach is less a modular wall system than it is an adaptive approach to rapid construction.  The wall system creates customization and various reconfigurations.  When I visited the DIRTT showroom, I noticed you can mount and integrate pretty much anything you desire within the wall system, some elements included work surfaces, displays, etc.

Benefits of DIRTT:
  1. Adaptability
  2. Speed of Installation
  3. Material Efficiency
  4. Lower Cost
  5. Sustainability
Examples of DIRTT

All of the benefits of DIRTT are possible trough ICE software, which is an end-to-end application that ensures the precision and quality of the manufacturing process, according to  It was interesting to see how ICE was applied.  The program retains all of the information regarding contact of the original install, and allows the client to design new environments using the palette of elements already graphically displaced in inventory, which makes the process fast and efficient.

DIRTT is an exciting new product that's going to shape the future for modular walls and Interior Design!

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