Monday, July 16, 2012

Distributed Work Environments

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Today's post is from a Knoll Workplace Research handout I recently received on the metrics of distributed work places. 

Distributed work places are those that use collaboration and efficiency.  Distributed work environments are characterized on the below:
  1. Smaller, higher density individual spaces
  2. A wider variety of group settings
  3. Increased allocation of seats for collaborative spaces
  4. Reduced emphasis on large conference rooms
There are many benefits of distributed work environments and I'm excited to share with you some of the recent research Knoll putt together. 

The model below shows the average square footage per person 10 years ago, which was 227SF, compare to today's average average person at135SF. 

Some of the other research found in the packet included:
  1. Small meeting spaces have higher utilization rates
  2. Distributed work strategies more than double the employee-to-desk ratio
  3. Distributed work environments offer more vairety in meeting types (patios, cafe's, game rooms, etc).
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